Smart Cam with A.I. Algo

Smart Cam

An integrated smart camera with artificial intelligence algorithms. Exploits the full power of A.I. to optimise your operations and ensure a competitive edge.

Our Smart Cam is the heart of the solution. Integrated with proprietary A.I. algorithms and application software, it offers advanced control without the need for an external PC. Exploit its full power to optimise your production processes.

Our solution is designed to adapt to your context. You can seamlessly integrate it into either a new or existing system, ensuring problem-free implementation without compromising on performance.

Our application software is highly customisable to satisfy your specific needs. Additional functions or changes can be rapidly and easily implemented without being limited to pre-packaged solutions.

Our solution is state-of-the-art and fully aligned with the Industry 4.0 paradigm. Operate in the digital future with confidence, exploiting cutting-edge technology and optimising your processes.

Our commitment goes beyond merely supplying solutions. We offer complete and dedicated technical support, guaranteeing the reliability of timely and professional assistance to ensure the success of your operations.

Every project is unique. Our co-creation approach involves working side by side with you to fully understand your specific needs and develop a tailored machine vision solution that best responds to your objectives.

Multi-Sector Versatility

Our solution is suited to a broad range of applications, including the automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries. You can use our Smart Cam to detect defects, control quality and optimise your processes, boosting efficiency and productivity.


Its flexibility and capacity for integration allow customisation for product inspection, as well as defect or fault detection.


Smart Cam can be used to monitor and optimise production processes. For example, to track products in an assembly line, for quality control during production, or to detect errors or malfunctions in machinery.


Smart Cam can be customised for the visual inspection of foodstuffs during the production process. It can detect defects, contaminants or unwanted deviations in the characteristics of foodstuffs.
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