A highly sensitive instrument that not only detects the degradation of illuminator performance but also identifies any external influences such as dirt or objects interfering with the light.

It is widely used in inspection machines where repeatability and lighting stability are crucial in guaranteeing high-precision results.

  • LuminGuard detects any variation in the illuminator’s performance compared to a predefined standard, ensuring the utmost lighting precision.
  • It is compatible with most LED illuminators available on the market, offering a broad range of industrial applications.
  • The device is available in different versions to adapt to various types of illuminators, ensuring accuracy and precision without compromise.
  • LuminGuard supports both continuous and pulsed illuminators, offering flexible use for different machine and process requirements.
  • Moreover, the Ethernet and RS485 interfaces allow the device’s fast and smooth integration into machines.
  • The durable design and IP30 water and dust ingress protection ensure a long service life and reliable performance even in the harshest industrial conditions.
  • The use of FDA-compliant materials guarantees safety and conformity.
  • Its universal compatibility means it can be used in a broad range of industrial applications, making the choice of lighting more versatile.
  • LuminGuard is designed to accurately detect variations in the performance of the illuminator compared to a predefined standard, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  • The ability to support continuous and pulsed illuminators, together with the programmable settings, ensure excellent performance in line with specific requirements.
  • The standard interfaces and optional extra USB interface simplify its integration into control systems.
  • Its support of standard communication protocols facilitates integration with existing instruments and control software.
  • The firmware updates ensure the device is always up to step with future developments.



Lighting precision and uniformity are essential in ensuring product conformity. Any variation in lighting performance can be immediately detected, guaranteeing the quality of the products.


Lighting stability is essential for accurate visual inspection. It helps identify defects or faulty welds with greater precision, increasing the quality of electronic components.


The device can ensure the constant lighting conditions of robots and vision systems, improving the precision of handling and inspection operations and minimising the risk of error due to light variations.
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