The innovative portable system for illuminator control.

A compact device with a range of features and benefits to meet the needs of industrial solution manufacturers, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements..

  • It is compatible with most LED illuminators available on the market, offering a versatile solution for various industrial applications.
  • The device operates independently without needing to be directly connected to the machine, ensuring ease of use and flexible installation.
  • It features a calibrated and interchangeable compact-sized detector, allowing flexible adaptation to various configurations of the illuminator.
  • LuminaCheck is designed to work with both continuous and pulsed illuminators, easily adapting to various operational requirements.
  • It features a USB interface for easy connectivity and data transfer to external devices.
  • It includes user-friendly software for data acquisition and analysis, specifically designed for system integrators in the vision industry.
  • LuminaCheck offers a more cost-effective solution compared to scientific-grade spectrometers, and therefore important savings.
  • It reduces costs and complexity, eliminating the need for additional hardware for trigger measurements.
  • It eliminates the need for external power sources, simplifying both installation and use.
  • It offers simple firmware updates to ensure compatibility with future developments.
  • The compact dimensions allow easy integration into existing devices.
  • It is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments with IP30 water and dust ingress protection.
  • The use of FDA-compliant materials guarantees safety and conformity in industrial applications.



LuminaCheck can be used to ensure the LED illuminators used in electronic component production lines are uniform and stable.


Precision and repeatability are essential in guaranteeing the safety of devices. LuminaCheck can be used to monitor lighting in production lines, ensuring the uniformity and stability of the light used for visual inspection.


LuminaCheck can be used to check the consistency of lighting in production lines, helping to identify any defects or contaminations in foodstuffs.
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