High-power pattern projectors

High-tech lighting devices designed to project precise and detailed patterns or models of light onto the relative surface.

These illuminators excel in delivering high performance, precision and flexibility for the generation of complex light patterns.

  • Designed to project predetermined light patterns or models over a surface. The patterns can be in the form of lines, grids, geometric shapes or texts.
  • High precision in the projection of patterns allows viewing of intricate and complex details. The sharpness and accuracy of the projected patterns are essential in ensuring the precision of measurements and inspections.
  • Possibility to adjust the dimensions, shape, intensity and orientation of the projected patterns to suit different application needs.
  • The use of special light sources such as high-power LEDS to guarantee high brightness and accurate colour rendering.
  • Equipped with integrated controls for the flexible and customised management and programming of the projected patterns.
  • The model can easily be modified and a sturdy phase adjustment mechanism ensures perfect alignment with the target.
  • The integrated electronics include a super-fast LED driver controller based on FPGA for timing control, signal filtering, dimmer adjustment and thermal protection.
  • Integrated driver for optical LED control.
  • Extremely accurate and repeatable measurements, inspections and detection
  • High flexibility in the projection of various patterns on various surfaces.
  • Can be used in a variety of applications requiring the viewing of precise light patterns, such as defect detection, dimensional measurement or shape recognition.
  • Possibility to concentrate the lighting over specific areas, minimising the scattered light effect and improving the overall performance of the vision system.
  • Used for defect detection, dimensional measurement, feature recognition or shape assessment on products or components during the production process.
  • Can be used in guidance and navigation systems to identify positions, track routes or recognise objects.
  • Can be used alongside 3D scanning technologies to create structured patterns, enabling the reconstruction of three-dimensional models of objects or environments.



Accurate dimensional measurements on objects or components, projecting a grid or line pattern on an object and measuring its dimensions with extreme precision.


Projects a light pattern on an object in production and uses a camera to detect any defects such as scratches, cracks or deformities.


Recognises shapes and text on objects or packaging, projecting specific patterns to highlight contours or text on objects, using a vision system to identify or read them.
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