High Accuracy in O-Ring Control with the VisionFlex Kit

At the heart of industrial manufacturing operations, O-ring quality is critical to ensure product safety and reliability. To address this critical challenge, we partnered with an industry-leading customer to develop a bespoke application using the VisionFlex Kit.

This advanced system combines surface, side, and dimensional control with the unique ability to detect invisible cuts through the innovative Squeezer system.

The Customer: Excellence in Component Manufacturing

Our client is a renowned manufacturer of industrial components, specializing in the production of O-rings for applications that require precision and safety. Their challenge was to create a control system that could ensure the quality of O-rings comprehensively and reliably.


The Application: Advanced O-Ring Control

In collaboration with our team of experts and taking advantage of the potential of the VisionFlex Kit, we have developed an advanced application for the control of O-rings. Here’s how it works:

  1. Surface Control (Top and Bottom): The system uses the powerful combination of camera and View Through illuminator to perform a detailed inspection of the top and bottom surface of the O-rings simultaneously.
  2. Lateral Control: Thanks to the versatility of the VisionFlex Kit, a lateral verification of the O-Ring can be performed at the same point of analysis, ensuring complete coverage.
  3. Dimensional Control: The application uses advanced algorithms for dimensional control, making sure that the O-rings comply with the specified standards.
  4. Cut Control: Cut control functionality is implemented through the Squeezer system, which tightens the O-Ring and detects any cuts that are not visible to previous surface inspections.
  5. Integrated Solution on the In-Line Machine: The VisionFlex Kit is integrated directly into the in-line machine, ensuring seamless fluidity in the production process.
  6. Top, Bottom, and Side Inspection at the Same Point of Analysis: The innovative design of the VisionFlex Kit allows a complete view of the O-Ring, allowing for in-depth inspection in a unique location.
  7. Squeezer System That Highlights the Presence of Cuts: The Squeezer system represents a distinctive feature, allowing you to identify cuts even in the presence of imperfections that are not visible on the surface.



The implementation of this application has led to tangible results for our client:

  1. Increased Quality: The ability to perform simultaneous inspections on multiple surfaces and sides has improved the overall quality of the O-rings produced.
  2. Early Defect Detection: The Squeezer system has made it possible to detect cuts and imperfections early, minimizing defective products.
  3. Increased Efficiency: The integrated solution on the in-line machine has optimized the production process, reduced inspection time, and increased production.
  4. Enhanced Safety: O-rings controlled with the VisionFlex Kit ensure greater safety in end products, reducing the risk of failure and malfunction.



The customized application based on the VisionFlex Kit has proven to be the answer to our customer’s specific needs in O-ring control. Integrating advanced machine vision, dimensional control, and the Squeezer system has positioned our customers at the forefront of innovation in the industrial component manufacturing industry. The VisionFlex Kit is a complete solution for O-Ring control, ensuring precision, efficiency, and safety in every production.

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