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In the electronics industry, precision and quality are critical to the creation of successful products. A crucial part of this process is pin holder inspection, which requires absolute precision to ensure that each product is flawless.

The challenge of this quality control led to collaboration with an industry-leading customer for whom to develop a custom application using our Smart Cam, an intelligent camera integrated with artificial intelligence algorithms, to have advanced control without the need for an external PC.

The Application: Advanced Pin Holder Control

In collaboration with our engineering team, we have developed a tailor-made pin holder inspection application based on advanced machine vision technologies. Here’s how it works:

1. Object detection: The application uses the powerful camera to detect presence.
2. Quantity and Location Control: Built-in artificial intelligence analyzes the location, verifying that they are oriented correctly according to predetermined standards.
3. Quality Control: The application carefully examines each object to identify any defects, such as chips, cracks or deformities.
4. Real-Time Decisions: Based on its analysis, the application makes real-time decisions, immediately discarding those that are defective or incorrectly oriented.

Implementation of the Smart Cam application has led to remarkable results for our client:

1. Increased Efficiency: Automation has greatly reduced the time required for each analysis, enabling faster production.
2. Improved Quality: Thanks to the accuracy of machine vision, production quality has greatly improved, with a drastic reduction in defective products.

The Port Pin inspection application based on Smart Cam, represents a significant breakthrough in the electronics industry. The combination of advanced machine vision technology, artificial intelligence, and the power of customization has enabled our client to greatly improve quality, efficiency, and competitiveness.

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